Learn How To Properly Pack Breakable Kitchen Items

To Pack Breakable Kitchen Items You'll need:

Packing Tape

Small and medium boxes

Plastic Bubble wrap

Peanuts or blank newsprint

Instructions on How To Pack Breakable Kitchen Items:

Wrap each glass and mug in Plastic Bubble wrap and Packing Tape shut. Put layers of Plastic Bubble wrap in between plates and bowls.

Fill bottom of box with peanuts or wadded paper. Layer in glasses and mugs with peanuts and paper, or place stacks of layered plates and bowls on top. If your glasses have stems, place them upright, as if you were putting them on the table. Fill in sides and top with peanuts and wadded paper.

For larger breakable items – Pyrex dishes, china serving bowls, glass coffee pots – wrap in Plastic Bubble wrap and Packing Tape shut. Put two or three smaller items or one larger item in the center of a small box filled with peanuts. Make sure you put a layer of peanuts or wadded paper between smaller items.

Seal and mark “Fragile (as shown below)- Kitchen.” You’re all finished!

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