Top International Move Tips

What to expect from your international mover:
  • Accurate, complete data and education on the upcoming move.
  • A professional, courteous, and experienced crew.
  • Well maintained, clean moving equipment.
  • Professionally-handled, secure storage facilities.
  • Information on foreign customs regulations.

On-time service

Since the moving firm is liable for items that should be professionally packed, find out who is either unpacking or packing. International movers with lots of expertise in this field will make sure your belongings will arrive undamaged. Make sure you know you know the details and date of the move. Find out when you items are arriving and any detail about the move. You have to be prepared for anything that may happen.

International Move Tips

Check your mover out. Use our services so that you can find out even more data about any moving firm out there as we have done a lot of research on most firms out there.

International Shipping

Shipping Overseas – You can ship your belongings either by sea or by air. Depending on the destination, moving to another country might take up to eight weeks. Your belongings will be packed into some wooden lift vans of around 4x7x7 feet. Your international moving firm will load your items at your house, and then move them either by rail or truck to a port of departure. From there, your items are placed in a steel container and quickly loaded onto a particular vessel. Larger shipments will have to use a warehouse of a particular local agent. This local agent will take your container to your house, load up your belongings and return this loaded container to the warehouse of the agent. And then your belongings will be taken either by truck or rail to a port of exit to be loaded into a vessel. Your belongings are then cleared through customs at a particular port of discharge and then taken to your new house.

Though moving by air is rather costly, it is in fashion today. Either plywood containers or cardboard boxes might be used, and your belongings can be loaded right into the containers of the airline. Even though this process is costly, it might be economical for a household that lives abroad as it drops the expenses related to a long stay in any hotel. Moving by air also involves additional care of your belongings.

The basics – One 20-feet container will be enough for a small family with a house consisting of two bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen and cartons for dishes, paintings, clothes, books, decorations, and so forth. These types of containers tend to feature a capacity of up to 6000 pounds worth of belongings or 1000 cubic feet. One 40-feet container is enough for a large family with a capacity of 12000 pounds worth of goods or 2000 cubic feet.

The less-than-container load/LCL method is often used for smaller shipments, and the cost of shipping is based on the volume of the belongings. The personal effects of an adult might weigh between 60 and 160 cubic feet, and we are not taking into consideration furniture.

To calculate a cubic feet do as follows: width x height x depth = cubic feet (total)

Airfreight can also be used to transport small shipments. Air shipments are figured out either by actual weight of items that are placed on a scale, or by dimensional weight. To calculate the cost of air shipments multiply the above three dimensions in inches and divide the outcome by 166. You will be charged what is called the DIM weight if this figure is higher than the actual weight of your item measure on a scale. The reason why this happens is because volume displacement is taken into consideration in any air shipping. A 3x3x3in Styrofoam might weigh less than 5 pounds, but its DIM weight might be up to 280 pounds when sent via airfreight.

We offer outstanding service since out staff is well-trained and professional. We will take care of all your belongings and each one of them will arrive safe to your chosen destination. Our world-class storage facilities will keep your item with all the safety we can muster, therefore you should be part of our clientele who are happy with our top-notch service, one-of-a-kind facilities, and high level of customer support that will take care

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