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Affordable Moving Company will not only pack and move your valuables, but will store them on premise until you are ready for them to be delivered to your final destination. With Affordable Moving Services all of your moving storage needs are taken into consideration. Our storage building offers safe and secure storage for all your personal or commercial valuable goods.

After carefully packing and moving your treasures you may choose to store them with our company in state of the art, climate controlled storage facility. Our storage units are monitored by video and audio security to ensure complete safety for your goods. Our indoor storage solution is your best option to securely store your valuables during your move. Let Affordable Moving Services protect your goods.

Our state of the art storage facility is safe and your goods are well packed using our professional packing services directory. Whether you need storage for a week or a year Affordable Moving Services can provide you with storage space for your home storage needs in our modern storage building.

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  1. Make a list of things that are estensial to have within the first 2-3 days you are at your new place. Pack them in their own box and either carry in the car, or have as the last box to go on the truck. Things like: toiletries, meds, pens, paper, toilet paper, shower curtain, towels, wash rags, sheets, a few days of clothes and shoes, paper towels, a few cleaning supplies, paper plates, disposable cups, paper plates, cutlery, trash bags, scissors, alarm clock, hand soap, dog food/dish, small tool box, box cutter, make sure your check book isn’t almost empty because you might not find a new book of checks for a bit, key documents needed for closing or for enrolling the kids in school, toilet brush (you just feel better KNOWING it is clean, not just guessing!).Go to all your doctors, dentists, and vets to get copies of all of your medical records to take to give to your new docs/dentists,vet.Remember to do the mail forward with the USPS. And I hope the people moving into your house don’t have the same last name. That happened on our last move and we got all of the Ferguson mail, including theirs. THAT took a while to work out!Start a bag where you throw in any mail you receive that you want to be sure you notify of your new address. Same with email if your email address will change.Don’t water your houseplants the week you are leaving. They will be lighter and less messy for transport. But pack a pitcher or watering can in the list above so you can water them as soon as you get there. Just like you, they will be stressed from the move.Don’t forget your water hoses, yard decorations, birdhouses, birdbaths, etc. Commonly left behind accidently. Start having a mind set of “could I go a week without this” for every single thing you use in your house. Then add it to the list above.Start making a list of everything you (especially the teens) have loaned out — books, movies, cds, tools, dishes, etc. Start gathering it all back up.

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