Learn How To Properly Pack Beds

To Properly Pack Beds You’ll need:

  1. Rope or Packing Tape
  2. Large pads for headboards and footboards
  3. Sheets or mattress covers
  4. Plastic bag

How To Pack Beds You’ll need:

  1. Disassemble the bed frames and mark the pieces so you know where they go later. Tie or Packing Tape rails together.
  2. Take all screws, bolts, nuts, etc. put in plastic bag and Packing Tape to rails.
  3. If you have headboards or footboards, tie large pads around them.
  4. Leave sheets on mattresses to protect them, or cover them with plastic mattress covers. You’re done!

Waterbed Mattresses

Drain all water from the waterbed. After doing this, grasp the internal baffle systems with external vinyl, and fold the mattresses 20 inches at a time. Be sure to adjust folds to avoid making creases across individual baffles. In addition, consult your owner’s manual for special instructions concerning the care and transportation of your mattress. Do not place your mattress in a carton with a sharp or pointed objects.