Learn How To Properly Pack China and Crystal

To Properly Pack China and Crystal You’ll need:

  1. Packing Tape
  2. Small and medium boxes
  3. Cardboard
  4. Styrofoam peanuts and Plastic Bubble wrap
  5. Blank newsprint
  6. Lots of patience

TIP: Don’t use compartmentalized liquor boxes unless the compartments are made of sturdy cardboard and you put a layer of packing material on the bottom first. (Usually the compartments are too flimsy.) Glasses and cups should still be wrapped in Plastic Bubble wrap.

How To Pack China and Crystal:

Plates and bowls . . .

  1. Use dish barrel cartons and place all plates on edge in the containers.
  2. Layer Plastic Bubble wrap in between, leaving space at the top of the box to fill in with wadded newsprint.
  3. Place wadded newsprint or peanuts in the bottom of a box and put layers of plates or bowls on top. Then fill in top and sides with peanuts or newsprint.
  4. Seal and mark “Fragile – China.” You’re done!

Glasses and teacups . . .

  1. Wrap each glass or teacup in a piece of Plastic Bubble wrap and Packing Tape it.
  2. Put a layer of peanuts or newsprint on the bottom of the box. Place wrapped cups or glasses on top, upright as if you were placing them on the table.
  3. Place a layer of cardboard and another layer of packing material on top and the sides.
  4. Keep layering in wrapped cups and peanuts until you’ve reached the top. Put a final layer of packing material on top, seal, and mark “Fragile – Crystal/China.” That’s all!