Learn How To Properly Pack Kids’ Stuff

To Properly Pack Kids’ Stuff You’ll need:

  1. Lots of love and time
  2. Attention to feelings
  3. Packing Tape
  4. Blank newsprint
  5. Medium and large boxes

Instructions on How To Pack Kids’ Stuff:

  1. If your kids are still small, pack their rooms last. Try to prepare your children for the move ahead of time; the move will be much easier for both of you if your kids can make a smooth transition into their new home.
  2. Give older children – ages 5 and up – extra time to pack their rooms. In addition, help them to pack their rooms. Time spent packing with them is a great opportunity to talk about matters that might worry or depress your children – i.e. leaving friends, going to a new school, living in a new home, etc. Understanding feelings and offering your reassurance will ease the transition for them.
  3. Allow them to select some items to take with them in the car or in their carry-on bag.
  4. Most kids’ toys are somewhat durable and can go in boxes with some wadded newsprint or extra clothes to fill in spaces.
  5. Breakable toys like models or porcelain dolls can be wrapped in extra clothes and packed in wadded newsprint.
  6. While the kids are packing, ask them to think about where they’d like things to go in their new rooms.
  7. Be sure to drain water from messy materials, like squirt guns and seal paints. Pack these items together in a box lined with a plastic bag.
  8. Have your kids seal the boxes and write their names or put their favorite stickers on each box. Now you’re done!