Learn How To Properly Pack Lamps

To Properly Pack Lamps You’ll need:

  1. Packing Tape
  2. Medium or large boxes
  3. Plastic Bubble wrap

Instructions on How To Pack Lamps:

  1. Take light bullbs, harps, and lamp shades off lamp.
  2. Wrap lamp shades in Plastic Bubble wrap and stack them in a large box with wadded paper, or put them in an armoire or large chest.
  3. Wrap the cord around the lamp and pack the lamp in Plastic Bubble wrap. Place the lamp in an empty defrosted refrigerator, unplugged dryer, or an unplugged and drained washer. Alternatively, you can pack your lamps with bedding or wrap and place them individually in an upright, tissue-lined carton. Wrap the harp and finial (decorative piece) with packing paper, and Packing Tape it to the inside wall of the carton. Wrap the shades in tissue; do not use newspaper. Place the shades upright in large, tissue-lined cartons, and place them in boxes with wadded paper. Lastly, seal the box and mark it “Lamps.” That’s it!