Learn How To Properly Pack A Less than 30″ TV

To Properly Pack A Less than 30″TV you’ll need:

  1. Packing Tape
  2. Original packing boxes and foam forms -or-
  3. Large new box and foam forms

Instructions on How To Pack A Less than 30″ TV :

  1. Make sure the TV is cooled off and you’ve left the cable and cable box for the cable company (they own those).
  2. Do the same for the VCR. Check your manual to make sure there are no special moving preparations you need to make to stabilize internal components.
  3. Wrap up the cord for the TV and VCR and put in the original boxes. Or use foam forms you purchase or peanuts. (Wrap your TV and VCR in a plastic bag before immersing in peanuts so the peanuts don’t get inside the machines). Put the TV and VCR in separate boxes.
  4. Seal and mark the boxes “Fragile – TV/VCR.” Now you’re done!