Affordable Commercial Moving Services

Affordable Moving Company has over a decade of experience relocating office spaces and corporate businesses, a 95% client satisfaction rating, and the most affordable commercial moving services in town.

Give us a call today is you are looking for fast commercial moving services or a complete relocation for your corporate business. We are here to put our pristine reputation and unparalleled experience to best use for your exact needs.

Why Should You Hire The Affordable Moving Company?

We work with a professional, friendly, skilled, and diligent team of movers ready to relocate a variety of commercial businesses. Our safe fleet can carry your precious cargo to the destination right on schedule, according to your exact instructions. Whether you need assistance with advanced glassware packing solutions for sensitive medical equipment, refrigerated work sample packing, custom crating, expert rigging, or bespoke preparation and planning solutions, we are the people for the job.

Our commercial movers near me are familiar with all the aspects of a commercial move. We have the manpower and tools needed to make your move as seamless as possible. Whether you are searching for local or cross-country commercial moving services, we can assign a dedicated Project Manager who will attentively supervize every step of the relocation.

If you are searching for a flexible solution for a future facility or office relocation while keeping the downtime and stress at a minimum, get in touch with us.

Long-Distance Moving Services for Government Buildings or Offices

Affordable Moving Company specializes in advanced moving solutions for military and government agencies. Our government-cleared moving crews are trained to fully understand and comply with the highest security and confidentiality standards for these sensitive types of moves. We use advanced classified data and chain-of-custody security protocols. Our commercial movers can help you plan the details of your space downsizing or realignment needs.

We take great pride in our track record of efficient and proven deliveries. Our advanced knowledge in regards to acquisition and government travel regulations turn is into your perfect moving partner for government moves.

Expert Commercial Moving Services We Provide

Our highly-reputable commercial movers will carefully plan your relocation, weigh in and measure all the items and equipment you will need moved, use reliable and sturdy packing supplies, load, carry and unpack all items at the new address. Here are some of the most popular commercial moving services we specialize in:

Lab, Hospital, and Medical Gear Moving Solutions

Over the years, we have been working with reputable medical universities and specialized laboratories across the country. This has helped us perfect our medical equipment and lab moving packing and hauling services. We have worked hard at creating our proprietary moving techniques. We can provide you with:

  • end-to-end medical equipment moving solutions, including lab equipment disassembling, set-up, inventory, room planning, item and box labeling
  • transportation for expensive medical gear such as X-Ray and MRI machines, CT Scanners, incubators, and hospital beds
  • first-mile and last-mile logistics for a seamless delivery

Commercial Movers Near Me for Offices and Data Centers

We specialize in complete data center, office, and corporate building relocation. We use specialized chain-of-custody security protocols. Our movers can provide you with:

  • professional de-racking and re-racking services for your gear
  • new office equipment deployment
  • office furniture installation
  • decommissioning solutions
  • damage-free delivery on your selected destination
  • temporary storage solutions at affordable rates
  • state-of-the-art packing boxes and tools
  • top-notch inventory systems for tracking all items

Hire Our Commercial Moving Company for Your Hospitality Moving Needs

Our hospitality trained movers can safely pack and transfer sensitive items including dishes, silverware, expert kitchen equipment, wall coverings, carpeting, artwork, and other specific hospitality items. They also specialize in cross-check inventories with online purchase orders and they can handle all the steps of asset inventory and furniture installation to your exact design specifications. We guarantee you are going to enjoy 100% efficiency and top excellence with each and every one of the services you will hire us to do.

Industrial Relocation Services

We are your go-to experts when it comes to transporting sensitive industrial gear, fixtures, and expensive technology found in factories, laboratories, and warehouses. We work with custom crate packing solutions for expensive equipment. We can provide you with the following:

  • heavy and bulky item rigging
  • hauling via climate-controlled vehicles with backup generators
  • end-to-end industrial relocation plans
  • detailed tracking, labeling, and industrial space and contingency planning services
  • racking system disassembling and reassembling solutions

Hire Our Affordable Commercial Moving Service At Low Rates

With swift and hassle-free moving services and 100% certified employees, our commercial moving services are the best in town. Get in touch with us now, get a free price estimate and allow us to plan your commercial move. We have the best moving technology, packing, and storage solutions in the industry.

We can help you minimize your operational downtime with our advanced pre-move planning solutions. We can provide you with the most affordable commercial building, corporate campus, office, or hospitality moving prices in the city. We guarantee you will not have to break the bank to relocate your entire business or just parts of it on time and just as planned.

Get in touch with us now, get your free price quote and allow us to start planning your commercial move for you. We are a simple click away and we can save you precious time, energy, and money on your commercial relocation, so you can focus on the rest.