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Compare the difference between Moving pods®, Storage pods® and Moving containers with Affordable Moving Company.

Do you know the difference between moving pods® and moving containers and who cares? The term pods® is a registered trademark of the pods® company and refers to their Portable On Demand Storage services which is where they deliver a container to your location for you to load with items you have packed for your move. They pickup the moving container and then transport it to your new location where you can then unload the container at your own pace. The pods® company lays claim to the term moving pods® so we are supposed to call them moving containers.

Moving containers are considerably less expensive then full service movers and much less work and hassle over renting a moving truck. Moving containers and portable storage systems are the fastest growing type of moving service and the preferred move type for anyone from the do it yourself movers to companies in need of corporate and employee relocation services. pods® company has the reputation of being a more expensive provider of moving and storage containers or moving pods® and storage pods® as they are commonly referred to in the industry now that competition has entered the market they pioneered.

Affordable Moving provides pickup and delivery of portable moving and storage containers with a large network of storage facilities. Door to Door storage services provides only portable moving containers and does not operate traditional moving tucks like so many moving companies do. ABF Upack is a commercial trucking company which offers both self load moving trucks and also their ReloCube portable moving containers for both resedential and commercial movers. ABF freight trucks can be found on most American highways carrying household and commercial goods for families and businesses nationwide.

Finding a moving container to be delivered to your home so you can pack and load it at your own pace just got a lot easier now that we have two pod moving services for you to choose from. Why do we have two moving storage container companies instead of one? Well they both provide the same basic service but each company has limitations in the number of containers they have in any area at any given time and to be truthful you may receive the best price for your move from either one of these pod movers.

Affordable Moving Company recommends you take a look at what both these companies offer and request a free moving pods® prices quotes from both companies. What can you lose from having two movers compete for your relocation business?

Door to Door Portable Moving Storage Containers

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ABF Upack Relo Cube Moving Containers

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