Expert Packing Services Near You

Half of the success of any move is ensured by smart, professional packing solutions. Having your precious items packed and secured by moving experts should eliminate much of the stress associated with an upcoming relocation. If you are currently searching for reliable and affordable packing services from a top mover, get in touch with us.

We specialize in the entire array of full and partial packing services for residential and commercial moves. Our team can assist you with customized packing solutions to match your exact needs. No matter if you plan on packing your entire apartment, a warehouse, a 5-bedroom house, or dozens of corporate offices, Affordable Moving Company is your go-to crew.

We Offer Advanced, Custom Packing Solutions

Hire us to pack your prized possessions and get them ready to be hauled to your next home or business location. Our professionally-trained team of packers will handle your most valuable items and make sure everything will reach the new location right on schedule. Allow us to put our long experience to work for you, no matter if you solely need us to partially pack the heaviest or bulkiest kitchen appliances in your home or your entire house.

We know each move is unique and we strive to create custom packing solutions that can match your exact budget, expectations, and wants. We work with bespoke crates for unique items such as custom-made furniture, musical instruments, chandeliers, pianos, collectibles, and the list goes on.

To enjoy a risk-free move, rely on our advanced packing boxes, supplies, and techniques. We can pack antique furniture, heavy mattresses, large appliances and electronics, office supplies, warehouse machinery, and more. If you plan on packing some of your items on your own, you should limit yourself to highly replaceable items that are not fragile. This list should include clothes, books, linens, or inexpensive dishware. Remember licensed movers are not reliable for any damages done to those items they did not pack on their own.

Our experts can assist you with extra packing supplies, including bubble wrapping, special padding, wooden crates boxes, professional tape, and the best labeling solutions. They can also assist you with expediting all employees and/or transferees last-minute, using fixed pickup and delivery dates and times. Let us need dial down all the stress and hassle connected to a long distance residential or commercial move.

Partial, Full, and Bulk Packing Services Near Me

Whether you need help with your heavy and bulky commercial furniture, fragile electronics, or lab supplies, we are here to help. Here are the most popular packing services we are hired to do most often:

Complete Full Packing Services

We can pack your entire house or office space wall-to-wall, starting with your clothes, kitchenware, electronics, gardening tools, musical instruments, mattresses, carpeting, furniture, and anything else you may need moved to your new address.

Our movers can provide you with advanced packing boxes of different sizes suitable for a variety of items, as well as advanced padding and wrapping solutions for fragile cargo to keep all your items save during transportation. We can also assist you with complete unpacking services upon arrival at your new home or commercial space.

Partial Packing Solutions

If you plan on saving some money on your move, you could try some DIY packing techniques for some of your items. While we can provide you with all the packing boxes and supplies you may need for your move, you could also use some of your boxes to partially pack your home or corporate space. You can decide to only have your heaviest appliances and furniture pieces packed by us, while you can personally pack the rest of your possessions.

If you plan on packing some of your items on your own, make sure to take your time and pack everything carefully, preferably using expert professional packing supplies for vulnerable cargo. If you plan on using regular boxes, you should focus on buffering and separating all your fragile items using clothing, old newspapers, plastic bubble wrappers, blankets, sheets, and towels. It is essential to properly fill in all empty spaces in order to keep any movement to a minimum during transportation. It is also important to pack all glass and ceramic items vertically and remember to secure the bottoms of the boxes to prevent fallout.

Packing Services for Special and Bulky Items

If you have a heavy or bulky musical instrument you need packed by experts, or you need assistance with special home decorations, old antique furniture pieces, mirrors, or sensitive office electronics, get in touch with us. We can assist you with bulky or special item packing solutions.  We specialize in packing custom crates for packing one-of-a-kind items. Give us a call and let us know exactly what you need assistance with and we will be happy to help.

Free Quotes and Affordable Packing Service

To prepare a moving budget based on your exact packing needs, be sure to get in touch with our team and ask for a free price quote for our packing services. We can provide you with a quick, free, comprehensive, zero—obligation moving and packing price estimate. Affordable Moving Company charges some of the mos t competitive full and partial packing rates in the industry.

Get in touch with us today, get your free quote and allow us to simplify your move with our expert packing services.