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Estimating moves is an inexact science. Many variables factor into how long a move will take. Our professional moving estimator uses his experience from doing similar moves in order to figure out how many hours the move will require. His estimate includes the amount of time that will pass from the moment the truck first leaves the mover’s garage until it returns after the job is finished. He will then add in the cost of boxes, packing tape and other packing materials, extra insurance/valuation and known incidental costs, such as road and bridge tolls. Get a free online moving quote!




One of the most important things that you should do before you move is to have complete knowledge of your new neighborhood, apartment complex, and the route to your destination. With local moves, time is everything. You can save hours off of the moving time if you can recommend a quicker route to your destination than the one we are expecting to take.

Check your new area for the availability of suitable parking for the truck – one that will allow us to comfortably load and unload your items. Double-parking means the truck has to round the corner every so often and you’ll be incurred additional charges.

Know all of the restrictions. Most big buildings, especially in city areas, allow moves only between 9am to 5pm. We shall provide the necessary certificates of insurance. These documents protect the building against damage. Many building superintendents will not allow entrance without them.

The availability of suitable elevator units for apartment moves is a very important, especially ones large enough to hold your biggest pieces of furniture. This will definitely save you time and money. But it will also save us the time and effort of carrying heavy furniture up the stairs and also from disassembling your furniture.

In order to keep the cost of your move as close as the estimate, we assume, in every situation, the following:

  • You will not need additional supplies to be provided.
  • You will have packed everything yourself that you had anticipated.
  • The scope of the work does not change markedly on the day of the move. In other words, you didn’t forget to tell the estimator about important (and heavy) stuff, such as:
  • The lawnmower your neighbor borrowed from you.
  • The unknown contents of your filled storage space.
  • The “priceless” junk in the basement you found under the tarp- the stuff that your wife was hoping would be left behind “by accident.”
  • Traffic from your old home to your new will not be worse than usual.

From local residential household goods to coast to coast long distance moving we are your full service moving company choice. Our network of nationwide moving trucks are constantly crossing the country moving families and businesses everyday. Take advantage of our international team of professional movers and Save up to 60% off other moving companies