Professional Storage Services

Affordable Moving Company does not only offer professional packing and moving services, but we also offer temporary storage solutions to fit every need. We can store your prized possessions in climate-controlled and secured storage facilities until you are prepared to have the boxes delivered to your chosen address.

Get in touch with our affordable long distance movers now and get a free moving estimate for our temporary storage services and the rest of our residential and commercial moving solutions. Keep reading if you want to learn more about our advanced storage options.

Why Hire Our Expert Storage Services?

Temporary storage is necessary for a number of reasons during a move:

  • when there are still certain aspects of your relocation that still need to be tackled, which means the process needs to be postponed
  • you are still looking for a place to rent or you have not found a new home to buy
  • you have not signed a contract with a local gas or electricity company
  • your new home or office space still requires some work and you are not ready to bring in all your furniture or appliances
  • something unexpected has occurred during the move and you need to postpone the process for a few days or weeks

Whatever might be case, we are here to provide you with safest, most trustworthy, and affordable temporary storage services to match your exact needs. No matter why you might need temporary storage solutions from us, we can assist you with the storage of your residential and commercial items, furniture, or appliances at good rates.

To make sure your prized possessions will remain in good shape and not suffer any damage during storage, you should always opt for a safe, modern, climate-controlled storage facility. All the storage units we can provide you with are carefully monitored with the help of advanced video surveillance systems. Allow us to assist you with top-notch indoor storage services to keep your belongings protected against threats during the move.

Whether you need storage for a week or a year, Affordable Moving Services can provide you with storage space for your home storage needs in our modern storage.

What To Expect From Our Professional Storage Facility

We can assist you with a variety of temporary storage solutions to match your exact needs, including, but not limited to:

  • 24/7 access to your storage unit
  • fully-equipped storage units and storage rooms free of charge for a limited number of days
  • advanced security solutions
  • remote monitoring with the help of top-tier cameras that feature movement sensors
  • top burglar alarm systems to keep intruders away
  • temperature control and humidity control sensors to keep your boxes safe from mold, mildew, extreme temperatures, and other similar factors that could affect their integrity. If you plan on temporarily storing your clothes, office files, personal papers, papers, furniture pieces, musical instruments or a variety of fragile items, you are going to need a storage unit with enhanced protection solutions.
  • expert pick-up and drop-off solutions for your most sensitive items or the boxes that you will need to store with us for a few days or weeks
  • additional packing and storage solutions for your boxes, including special wrapping, padding and edge protectors for a damage-free storage experience
  • automated inventories and quick box retrieval for emergencies
  • prolonged storage solutions, usually 90 day or more, depending on your particular needs

Take Advantage of Our Affordable Temporary Storage Services

If you are searching for more flexibility when moving, we strongly believe you will come across the best value whenhiring our state-of-the-art on-site storage services. Whether you are trying to downsize, renovate your home, or you are simply transitioning and living between two homes, we can assist you with affordable storage solutions. We charge the most affordable storage prices in the market, no matter if you need help with storing just a few boxes, a large number of crates filled with knick-knacks, antique pieces of furniture, or expensive office furniture.

Take your pick from our multiple storage unit options to match different sizes of boxes and different storage requirement. If you are a college student trying to temporarily secure your items during summer vacation before you are allowed to go back to campus in the fall, give us a call. Do the same if you need some extra time to complete renovation on your new home and you need a safe place to keep all your boxes in.

We can provide you with a free estimate and help you prepare a budget for the moving, packing, and temporary storage services you will want to hire us to do. While we do offer a free storage service for a limited number of days, know that going over the limit may and will usually incur additional costs. Occasionally, there may be some extra costs you may need to also cover for moving out your stored boxes to a new address. These costs will depend on the volume and weight of the items you will need moved, as well as the distance from the storage unit to your new home or office space. There may be toll fees, extra padding and wrapping costs as well as unpacking fees that might be added to the final bill, depending on your exact specifications.

If you are moving on a budget or just trying to save on your relocation, Affordable Moving Company is ready to provide you with the safest, most affordable and reliable temporary storage near me solutions in town. Give us a call, get your free price quote and start working on your moving plan now!

Affordable Moving Company will not only pack and move your valuables, but will store them on premise until you are ready for them to be delivered to your final destination. With Affordable Moving Services all of your moving storage needs are taken into consideration. Our storage building offers safe and secure storage for all your personal or commercial valuable goods.

After carefully packing and moving your treasures you may choose to store them with our moving company in state of the art, climate controlled storage facility. Our storage units are monitored by video and audio security to ensure complete safety for your goods. Our indoor storage solution is your best option to securely store your valuables during your move. Let Affordable Moving Services protect your goods.

Our state of the art storage facility is safe and your goods are well packed using our professional packing services directory. Whether you need storage for a week or a year Affordable Moving Services can provide you with storage space for your home storage needs in our modern storage building.